Creating A Digital Life For Physical Goods

Connecting companies, consumers, and their products like never before!

Benefits for Customers

Connecting companies, consumers, and their products like never before!

Quality Assurance

  • See exactly where the product came from and track it
  • See how many hands have been on the product
  • Assurance that the products are real and not counterfeit or tainted

Connect With Purchases

  • See the rich history and story of the product
  • Learn about the makers and manufacturers of your purchase
  • In depth details about raw materials and production processes

Word of Mouth Information

  • Access to verified purchase reviews from real people
  • Customers who purchase items can upload their own photos for your review

Benefits for Companies


Link directly to customers as a manufacturer and ensure investment in quality is translated to distributors and end consuemrs. Learn about your customers while they learn about you through your interactive product.


Real-time tracking of the flow of goods through your business. Accurate inventory counts allow you to know exactly when to reorder a product and how much cost you’re holding through each point in the process.


Data captured throughout the supply chain as well as customer analytics create a deep digital life for each product that goes beyond the customer marketing. Tracking, customer trends, and various other data can be captured and analyzed for single products or batches.

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